jarod bio 3I am an enthusiast first and foremost; nothing I have achieved in my career would be possible without my passion for the Automotive Industry which started long before I could drive. I was raised in Southern California which allowed me to be around the most current automotive trends especially what was happening in the “tuner car culture”. My career in the automotive industry started at the age of 18 when I first worked at a tuner shop in San Diego, CA called Group 5 Motorsports. This is also where I was introduced personally to action sports athletes looking to increase performance and speed in their own vehicles. After Group 5, I went to work with the “core cult” tuner enthusiast mag TMR M’zine as National Sales Manager which enabled me to establish credibility as an industry insider and also helped me bring the action sports lifestyle to the automotive world.

Over the next few years I’ve worked and continue to work with companies to unite together automotive, fashion, action sports and music to enhance a brands awareness. I’ve worked with companies such X-Concepts on Modifiers (a line of modified toy cars) as Authenticity Director, Speedwell Shoes as Brand Coordinator, Gumball 3000 (an exotic car rally from Europe) as US Operations Manager, and Meguiar’s Inc as Youth Lifestyle Marketing Manager. My job was to help them all build a strong base with core enthusiasts and then enter into cross functional marketing programs.

In 2003 I became the announcer for a new drifting series called Formula Drift. Formula Drift took motorsports to a new level with a judged subjective sport. My career grew as the “Voice of Drift” and

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I was blessed to participate not only with Formula Drift domestically and internationally but also with DMCC, XDC, Hyperfest, Gymkhana Grid, exhibitions for Vaughn Gittin Jr and many more. In addition to the drifting scene I’ve branched out to interesting lifestyle events like voice over work on EA Games “Need for Speed: Pro Street” video game as the voice of Big J, Winter X Games live announcer for snowmobiling, Live Event Announcing for Scion, Host of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Pre-Launch Event, and a NOS Energy Drink Commercial featuring Chris Forsberg airing during NASCAR.

2013 marks my 10th year announcing the Formula Drift series. I am thankful for all of the drifters, teams that support the drifters and our drifting fans who make the sport possible. A special thank you to my followers who have provided years of support and feedback that have helped mold me into the announcer I am today.


And finally I would like to thank the sponsors of the events and the people behind the brands that personally endorse me. SEND IT!